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As an Experiencer of ongoing and sometimes fully conscious contact with the Grey/Zeta ETs for over 50 years, I have created this website to share knowledge and understanding of this often misunderstood subject.  

Hopefully a  little  Love, Light  and  Connectedness will be shared as well!

Through my books, I am attempting to convey the vast amount of information, teaching and messages passed on to me by ETs.  


       Judy Carroll     


All of my books are the result of a very special request put to me back in 1995 by the ET Visitors, and are  an account of my ongoing Contact. My books, both fiction and non-fiction, have been written with a much wider readership in mind than just those interested in the subject of ET/Human Contact.



Through her latest book Extraterrestrial Contact on Earth: A Lesson in History, Judy Carroll and her Grey family have gone to great lengths to provide you with a clearer understanding of past and present world events in order to help bring empowerment to all who dwell on Planet Earth.

This book provides information on many issues such as the Hybrid Program, the Genesis Story, the supposed return of Planet X and the Anunnaki, as well as the Shadow Group and their cleverly faked “alien abductions” known as MilAbs (military abductions) involving remote mind control, holographic imagery, drugs and bio-robotic lifeforms specifically engineered to resemble the genuine Greys, who along with other benevolent off-world visitors, are here only to assist humanity to regain their rightful place as Citizens of the Universe.




Information of Human Consciousness and Evolution, ET/Human  Contact, Love and Fear, Crop Circles, Planetary Shift, ET Implants, Hybrids, Energy, God and the Universe are just some of the subjects covered in great detail and openness.                               


I am a Reiki teacher by profession, which enables me to pass on knowledge / information of Energy Healing given to me by the ET friends, including a most amazing Aura Cleansing technique, which I teach in my seminars.  


I am also a Tai Chi Instructor and have studied Traditional Eastern Healing and Spiritual Philosophies in depth for over 20 years. This aspect has provided an even deeper understanding of my ET Contact.







**available in Japanese

...and meet my Co-Author


Helene Kaye is, along with Judy Carroll, the Co-Author of  The Zeta Message.  She and her family are experiencers of ongoing contact with the Grey/Zeta ETs. Helene works with and assists Judy in seminars on teachings and healing practices and with the editing of her books. She teaches Reiki and practices it quite extensively as well.


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